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Mariona Luis Tomás

Industrial Engineer by the Catalonia Polytechnic University (UPC) and postgraduated by Instituto de Empresa (IE) and Institut Català de Tecnologia (ICT), I have dedicated my entire professional life to consulting. First working for multinationals such as Deloitte Consulting or Soluziona Group, and then as internal consultant for the Balearic Park for Technological Innovation (Parc BIT). Since January 2005, I have been working as a freelancer under the trademark InnoBalears, focused on Innovation Management.

The first 4 or 5 years I was centered on Planned Innovation (R & D + i), and since then I have been working around the concepts of intuitive innovation (closely linked to my experience in tourism business) and social innovation (which, in my opinion, is the next step for innovation in the society: moving from harness the talent of a few, to take the ideas and talent of the whole society, to live better).

Work-life balance is a priority for me and so I know and use technology tools that consistently deliver it.

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Individuals and entities that hire InnoBalears services. Receive a highly accurate description of the type of service being supplied in the form of proposal, and monitor the project according to their need.


Individuals who receive the results of the projects.


These are the people who, despite belonging to other entities or organizations, they work regularly with InnoBalears.

Social environment

Business associations, third sector entities, public administration, mass media, ...


COMpetitors who with we COOperate, COOperators who with we COMpete.They are apparently competing entities in which the rigor, transparency and commitment is mutual in the development of joint projects.

Consultants and technology developers

Generate the knowledge on which InnoBalears is not a specialist. They are the fiscal and labor consultant, web developer, the digital communication specialist ...

Knowledge Centers

These are points with which we nourish our technical capabilities, essential for the type of projects we develop.

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InnoBalears, specialized consulting firm with wide experience on planned, intuitive and social innovation management, in Mallorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera (Balearic Islands - Spain). Mariona Luis Tomás, industrial engineer.