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Social Innovation

Harnessing talent to meet common challenges

We understand Social Innovation as the ability of the Society to use its resources to solve current problems and anticipate future challenges.

This innovation can be articulated in different areas:

  • From the business and third sector side: Building on the knowledge and resources of community members who receive the services or products to make companies more sustainable (economically viable, socially responsible and with minimum environmental impact).
  • From the public side: Harnessing the talents of citizens to build a better society.
  • From the individual side: Identifying and implementing social innovation initiatives, which are mechanisms by which a person or group of people organize to meet a particular challenge.

Social innovation is becoming stronger with the emergence and consolidation of online social networks, connecting communities of users with common interests around the world.

Our proposal in 10"
  • We transform your idea into a viable reality, with maximum social impact and minimal environmental impact.
  • Identification of social innovation initiatives in the Balearic Islands. Developing a list of social innovation initiatives that have emerged or have been consolidated in the Balearic Islands since 2010, focused on addressing common social challenges.
  • Proposal to establish a living lab related to the Sierra de Tramuntana on the island of Mallorca, which would consist of a physical space and virtual space and with the participation of knowledge centers, companies, public administration and citizens.
  • Ideological Leadership of the Movement Social XXII. Development of the first version of the document that based the implementation of Social XXII, social movement dedicated to observe, analyze and disseminate social innovation initiatives emerging in the Balearic Islands.
  • Participation in organizing the First Meeting for Social Innovation in the Balearic Islands.
  • Contribution to the definition of a coworking space managed by the Association of Young Entrepreneurs in The Balearic Islands.
  • Realization of different courses on emerging tools in Social Innovation: crowdfunding, crowdvoting, crowdwisdom, crowdcreation.

Our Services

In InnoBalears we work by project and we always make a customized proposal with objective and expected outcome of the project, planning and budget. The acceptance or rejection of the proposal depends on the client.

At the level of social innovation services, the proposal of InnoBalears brings to the table the following services:

  • If you have an idea that you think might contribute to a better society and want to compare with someone connected with the business vision, we offer customized workshops for project structuring for social innovation initiatives.
  • If you are part of public administration and you are interested in identifying and implementing projects for citizen participation around social innovation, we offer technical support for Social Innovation, which includes all types of design tasks, support and monitoring.
  • If it is a business association or a group of companies of the same value chain who want to identify needs, identify solutions and see how customers and users use their services and products, we offer a service of design and management of Living Labs, which are entities that are mixed public-private partnerships where companies, public organizations, knowledge institutions and citizens engage in the process of innovation, co-creating and validating technologies, platforms, services and business models in everyday environments and contexts.
  • For social and environmental projects that impact on the value scale of large groups of people and require funding, we offer a conceptualization and implementation of crowdfunding projects, which describe the collective cooperation of people working in network who put their money and other resources together to support causes and projects originated by others.
  • If you want to identify ideas or solutions using a significant and diverse group of people, we offer project conceptualization and implementation of crowdsourcing service, which is the transfer of a task from a specific person to a large group people through an open call.
  • If you are an entity that has just released a new product or service and wants reach certain types of clients we offer a service of Identification of communities of interest in new social markets.
  • As part of the benchmarking services we offer monitoring and analysis of collective buying platforms, or public movement analysis of social innovation, among others.
  • An interesting service for individual entrepreneurs and managers for public and office space is the definition of coworking spaces, where people from different fields share knowledge, contacts and entrepreneurial activities.
  • If you need to know what Social Innovation is, how to launch a social innovation initiative and what resources are available, we offer individual and group training, in format of training sessions and thematic workshop initiatives.

We have seen how innovation has shifted from knowledge centers to Companies, and from Companies to People.

Mariona Luis Tomás | InnoBalears | Mallorca

InnoBalears, specialized consulting firm with wide experience on planned, intuitive and social innovation management, in Mallorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera (Balearic Islands - Spain). Mariona Luis Tomás, industrial engineer.