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Planned Innovation

Systematically implementing innovations

Planned Innovation means the systematic identification, structuring and implementation of innovations in an entity or organization. What distinguishes Planned Innovation of other formats of Innovation is the process view, this is not a moment of inspiration, but a systematic approach to performance.

Our proposal in 10"
  • We identify, structure and implement the ideas that can not be carried out by the daily outstanding.
  • More than 200 innovation diagnoses developed for companies on industrial, tourism and emerging sectors
  • Innovation analysis in industrial sectors
  • More than 10 projects submitted for public R + D + I calls
  • Participation in European projects (HES, TOUREG, ARTES)
  • Participation in regional innovation policy
  • Structuring and participation in clusters (CLAB, Audiovisual, and TurisTEC, ICT in Tourism)
  • Participation in prospective studies of tourism (OPTI)
  • Educational material for Innovation in Tourism for the University of Girona (UdG) and the Open University of Catalonia (UOC)

Our Services

In InnoBalears we work under a project format and we always make a customized proposal with objective and expected outcome of the project, planning and budget. The acceptance or rejection of the proposal depends on the client.

At service level, there are some specific projects that generate casuistry-type which have been especially useful for InnoBalears customers:

  • If the entity wants to begin a planned innovation process, if it has many ideas and does not know where to start, we offer a Innovation diagnosis, which assesses the innovation level and capacities of the entity, identifies what are the needs to be innovative and structures and values the ideas to start the process. If the entity has an idea but it is not sure if it can be feasible or make sense for the organization, we offer the Project Structuring Service, which includes the definition of the most significant variables (objective, expected results, resources, activities to be undertaken, planning , budget, funding opportunities, etc..) and an outside view of the viability and business sense.
  • If you want to know what competitors are doing or what type of innovation policy is being done in other parts of the world, we offer a Benchmarking Service on innovation trends whether in products, processes, business models, new technologies, new business models, new organizational models, emerging agents of knowledge, etc.
  • If it is a third sector organization that seeks to promote innovation among its users we present the definition and implementation of a project to promote innovation, tailored to the circumstances and nature of the entity.
  • InnoBalears also helps other entities in project management tasks, reporting, valuations, feasibility analysis, etc… We offer technical support on innovation projects, which includes all support tasks and monitoring.
  • And if you need to know what Planned Innovation is, how to manage a project, or what are the latest trends in innovation management, we offer individual and group training, on training sessions and workshop format, also for undergraduates and graduates, online and offline.

We have a particularly significant experience in the tourism sector, although the Planned Innovation is only part of the Management of Innovation in the tourism organization.

Mariona Luis Tomás | InnoBalears | Mallorca

InnoBalears, specialized consulting firm with wide experience on planned, intuitive and social innovation management, in Mallorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera (Balearic Islands - Spain). Mariona Luis Tomás, industrial engineer.