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Intuitive Innovation

Customizing the service in each customer interaction

Intuitive innovation makes sense mostly in business services where production and service consumption is simultaneous and the client is actively involved in creating the service. It consists on creating in each case specific solutions to meet customer needs, without any prior planning. It has a systematic component (ie, it must be present in any situation and any customer), but it is based on people and their ability to interact.

The idea is to systematically create new services (personalizing the situation to the customer and the available resources) to meet customer needs, taking into account the circumstances.

Intuitive Innovation adds intuition as a screening tool of customer needs, this is; use your intuition when offering the service to customize the available resources.

An intuitive example of innovation could be given when a hotel clerk detects that a customer who does not understand the language has a significant problem, and asks another customer who speaks the same language as the language of the receptionist to translate the problem, and afterwards sending a small present of the hotel to the translator.

Our proposal in 10"
  • We identify and train people capable of innovating through the creation of a customized service in every customer interaction.
  • Introducing the concept of Intuitive Innovation in the previous days of the Second Congress of Tourism in Catalonia
  • Intuitive Innovation Training for Masters students of Tourism at the University of Girona
  • Identification of case studies for the selection of trained intuitive Innovation at university practices
  • Preparation of training materials on Intuitive Innovation for Tourism Studies at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC)

Our Services

In InnoBalears we work by project and we always make a customized proposal with objective and expected outcome of the project, planning and budget. The acceptance or rejection of the proposal depends on the client.

At the level of intuitive innovation services, InnoBalears proposal is structured around the following axes:

  • If you need to know what intuitive innovation is, and how to create a personalized service based on the client context from a set of available resources, we offer individual and group training, in the form of training sessions and experiential workshop format .
  • For companies that require workers with intuitive ability or to define and integrate innovation in the quality system processes we offer selection and training of personnel.
  • If the issue is to identify people with intuitive innovation capacity, capable of creating customized services in a certain situation, we identify and develop case studies based on the type of business involved and the skills that you want to identify to analyze the capacity for intuitive innovation of candidates or employees.
  • For consolidated organizations we define and implement intuitive innovation projects, so that all workers understand, use and share the concept, contributing to customer loyalty.

These services are offered to service companies where service production and consumption is simultaneous as tourism companies, utilities or where the seller has to choose between a portfolio of customized services as possible to the client's situation.

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InnoBalears, specialized consulting firm with wide experience on planned, intuitive and social innovation management, in Mallorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera (Balearic Islands - Spain). Mariona Luis Tomás, industrial engineer.