contact: Mariona Luis Tomás

INNOBALEARS innovation management

We use innovation to help individuals and organizations to address the transition to new paradigms.

We understand innovation as "New ways of delivering value to customers and users", ie different ways to create things that customers and users valuate. This definition includes:

  • The sense of novelty: an innovation includes some new way of doing things.
  • A market orientation: there must be someone willing to "buy" this new way of doing things.

In InnoBalears we believe in local solutions, taking into account the global knowledge, but thinking that there are no global solutions. We believe that for global problems, solutions must be identified from below, based on commitment and awareness of all people, and that innovation has a key role to play in this scenario.

The professional approach
  • Seriousness and rigor
  • Attention to detail
  • Technical knowledge on what we develop
  • Open, transparent and long term collaboration with all partners associated with each project
  • Creativity, imagination and responsiveness in the approaches and problem solving
  • Customization of the activity
  • Commitment to results

Mariona Luis Tomás | InnoBalears | Mallorca

InnoBalears, specialized consulting firm with wide experience on planned, intuitive and social innovation management, in Mallorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera (Balearic Islands - Spain). Mariona Luis Tomás, industrial engineer.